Pet-Friendly Living

Pet owners often seek apartment communities that welcome and accommodate their four-legged friends while also providing amenities like dog runs or groomers – which helps attract new residents while simultaneously increasing the property team’s profitability.

Unfortunately, not all residences that advertise as pet-friendly are created equal; some charge extra fees or have restrictions regarding size and breed of dog or cat allowed on site.


Dogs make wonderful companions, and many apartment buildings now provide pet-friendly living arrangements. Amenities might include providing your furry friend access to the service elevator and door staff that welcome them by name; on-site pet washing or even built-in pet sitters are among these features.

These communities typically allow more lenience with regards to breed restrictions and size limitations for pets, while providing specific amenities such as clubhouses or study lounges. Senior apartments, active adult communities and retirement homes have become more pet-friendly over time too.

As part of your pet-friendly living environment, it’s essential to regularly vacuuming and cleaning up messes from your pet. Furthermore, providing mental stimulation by playing with them or teaching tricks is also crucial – Lemonade renters insurance covers damages up to $500 should your landlord claim damages caused by your pet – our apartment search tool makes finding pet-friendly rental apartments a breeze!


Pet-friendly apartments demonstrate that landlords trust tenants to take good care in caring for their animals, helping to avoid straining landlord-tenant relationships, leading them to consider moving out more frequently than desired. Pet-friendly spaces make tenants feel more at home and less inclined to leave for another property.

Cats are one of the world’s most domesticated animals, making them an essential component of many homes. Cats tend to be more independent than dogs, making them perfect companions for people who do not wish or cannot have dogs in their apartment complex.

If you are searching for an apartment that welcomes pets, start your search at your local humane society or animal care and control agency’s website or by using Dwellsy which allows renters to search by amenities. Be mindful that apartments which accept pets often cost more due to landlords having to cover extra expenses like renting additional amenities at higher rent prices.

Other Pets

Humankind and dogs share an undying friendship, making dogs popular pets for many families. Due to this trend, more landlords are making their apartments pet-friendly so tenants can enjoy spending time with their furry family members.

New York City, for instance, boasts pet amenities like on-site spas, roof top runs and “yappy hours” in lobbies that make apartment living more convenient for pet owners. Research has also indicated that residents living in pet-friendly buildings tend to be healthier, calmer and less susceptible to allergies than their counterparts.

Finding a pet-friendly rental can still be a difficult challenge, though. Landlords, housing managers and condominium boards have concerns over irresponsible pet owners leaving feces or ruining carpet behind, not properly caging their pets, or bringing their animal in public places where it might cause disruptions. A national survey showed that most people relinquishing their pets to shelters or rescues due to financial eviction or not finding housing friendly for pets as the main reasons.

Shelters & Rescue Centers

Rescue groups differ significantly from private shelters in that they use foster homes or volunteers to care for adoptable animals until they find homes – often holding pop-up booths outside pet stores to showcase the adorable foster pooches they care for and get them adopted quickly! Rather than operate like pet stores where customers pick out and purchase pets on the same day, rescue groups are non-profit and often utilize foster homes or volunteers in caring for adoptable ones until their new families arrive.

Some landlords have strict rules about pets, such as requiring an upfront pet fee and monthly pet rent to cover wear and tear from your animal, while other buildings consider themselves pet-friendly by providing amenities like dog runs, grooming stations and doggy daycare for their furry residents. Rentable’s apartment search filter for cats or dogs makes it easier for you to quickly browse pet-friendly rentals to find an apartment that works for both of you!

Many people assume “Pets Allowed” means the same thing as “Pet-Friendly”, but there’s a significant distinction. Pets Allowed locations typically charge additional fees or place restrictions on breed and size restrictions whereas, typically speaking, Pet-Friendly environments don’t.

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