5 Features That Make a Home Sell Over Asking

Selling your home can be a challenging endeavor. However, certain features could help your property surpass asking price more easily.

At Wolsen Real Estate, Denis Smykalov of Wolsen Real Estate, Casey Napolitano from NDA Real Estate and Sarah Stone of Douglas Elliman are real estate agents with expertise on buyer preferences for homes. Here are their top five picks:

1. Great Curb Appeal

Prospective home buyers first view the exterior of your house, so its condition can make or break their decision to view its interior. If it appears neglected and disorganized, they may be less inclined to make the effort and arrange an appointment for viewings.

Small changes to the outside of a house can make it much more aesthetically pleasing and are often recommended by real estate experts for helping their clients sell quickly at higher prices.

Edging flowerbeds or shrubbery is an easy and cost-effective way to give curb appeal a boost, helping define spaces and make the yard appear complete and polished. Another fantastic idea is installing decorative garden fences – adding classic charm that can be purchased from most nurseries or hardware stores.

2. A Well-Maintained Yard

Landscaping can be one of the best investments you make for both selling or adding value to your property, according to studies that demonstrate it can increase home values by as much as 10%.

An immaculate yard provides numerous environmental advantages, including:

Soil erosion, drainage during heavy rainstorms and creating habitats for local wildlife are all benefits of growing grass on your property. Plus, grass absorbs more heat than asphalt or concrete so your home stays cooler during summer days!

Maintaining your yard can be an excellent way to reduce stress and improve mood. By adding features like ponds, flower gardens or gazebos you can increase its appeal further and attract more tenants – increasing its value and drawing in renters!

4. A Well-Designed Living Space

Outdoor lounge, courtyard, patio or deck spaces designed for living can make any home seem even larger and provide opportunities for entertainment guests, relaxing and spending quality time with loved ones.

Enhance the aesthetics of a living room with decorative pillows for color, comfort, and visual interest. Or hang large-scale art or photographs as conversation starters! To further personalize a room’s design.

For open concept spaces, creating distinct zones by incorporating a reading nook or home office is key to providing clear separation of spaces. Mirrors with frames can help reflect light and create the impression of more space than actually exists.

5. A Great Floor Plan

An expertly planned floor plan can make a home feel larger while making for easier movement throughout. Furthermore, it may provide opportunities for future expansion – perhaps adding an office or bedroom.

An effective floor plan should include specific measurements for rooms, doors and windows that display their heights, widths and directions of opening/closing as well as corridor sizes proportionate to living areas and rooms.

Design should also incorporate adequate storage space. This may include a mudroom or hallway leading from the entryway. A quality floor plan will include exterior views and solar orientation for optimal use of outdoor space; in addition, graphic consistency should help to communicate its designer’s intent.

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