Decorating With Plants and Incorporating Greenery Into Decor

Plants bring life and oxygen into any room they inhabit. Plus, they’re an easy way to transform a room!

Decorating with plants has never been more popular – and for good reason.

Hanging Planters

Plants are an effective way to bring life and vibrancy into any room, providing oxygen while creating natural lighting sources.

Hanging planters are an excellent way to add greenery into your decor without taking up floor space.

Hanging planters come in all sorts of materials – chains, rope, wire and macrame (yes, macrame is back!) are just some of the choices available to you. Select a container and plant species suitable to your style and needs before hanging the hanging planter from its hooks.

Keep in mind that most plants require soil and water in order to thrive, so ensure that any hanging planter features drain holes – otherwise you could find water spilling out onto the floor and potentially harming your plants!

Floor Planters

Floor planters are an easy and stylish way to add greenery into your decor while freeing up floor space for storage purposes.

These hanging planters come in various sizes, materials and shapes that will add a cohesive look. Pick one that complements your decor for optimal results.

Bohemian flair comes to life in this planter designed with a brass-plated hoop, pinewood and macrame rope – creating an eye-catching yet functional piece.

To prevent your planter from becoming too saturated, drain any excess water before refilling it. Many indoor planters feature coconut coir or sphagnum peat moss linings that aid drainage.

Hanging indoor planters add another level of decor in your home and are an effective way to draw the eye downward, so they make an ideal addition for filling an empty corner or punctuating an art gallery wall. Plus, their contemporary or glamorous aesthetic makes them a wonderful finishing touch in any modern or glam themed space!

Focal Points

Focal points provide relief in designs by giving the eye somewhere to rest, and leading it from one part of a garden to another.

Floral arrangements can achieve focal points by juxtaposing color, shape, size, texture and pattern in their arrangements. Many tropical flowers attract attention through their striking form as well as intense colors, interesting patterns and large sizes – this often helps set off floral displays effectively.

Additionally, the direction of lines and stems can also add focus. By drawing attention towards an area of emphasis in a design, directional facing creates visual harmony among all of its elements (see Figure 5-9).


Groupings are an easy and stylish way to add greenery into decor. Use them to highlight one plant, or combine multiple smaller ones in similar-sized pots for an approachable, balanced aesthetic.

Groupings that combine foliage of various textures and forms in an organic manner tend to produce the most striking arrangements, such as grouping together cacti with succulents of differing forms and colours for a desert garden effect.

Groupings are an effective way to add some color and draw attention to areas you might otherwise overlook in your home, whether that means hanging baskets, floor planters or window boxes – without breaking the bank! Groupings add interest without breaking your budget.