Furniture Trends That Are Making a Comeback in 2024

Sometimes, it’s all in the furniture. Getting the right bed, sofa or dining table may be all you need to turn your bedroom into a boutique hotel or transform a tired living room dream. So if sculpture-inspired masterpieces or bedside tables that are stylish, Sustainable and timeless take your fancy, these are going to be your thing.

Blending different styles in your home is a must, since overdoing one style may make your home dated. We believe that a combination of furniture styles and colour schemes is most effective in achieving the best aesthetic.

Curves and Soft Lines

Sharp lines on furniture will soften up with curved edges this year, says Caitie Smithe of Walter E. Smithe Furniture and Design in River North. ‘Curves have more organic forms found in nature versus straight lines,’ she says. ‘We have trends towards organic French designs.’ Curved furniture is everywhere – from a sleekly embellished dining room chair to a round coffee table.

Patterns are resurfacing too – not overwhelmingly so, but often in more subtle ways. You’ll see designers using geometric patterns like checkerboard, but mostly to subtly lend some contrast, rather than give the room a bold pattern. You’ll also see furniture with nonupholstered surfaces that have texture – from the surface texture, like of a wood grain, to weave patterns like that on this Laporte coffee table from Eichholtz, or distinctive weave patterns like that of Made Goods’ hide stool stool pictured here.

Darker wood tones are trending for their traditional and aesthetic qualities According to Shelagh Conway of Shelagh Conway Interiors, dark walnut tones play well with either boucle upholstery or wider-wale fabrics – as in this grouping from Lulu and Georgia (Maya Blue sofa).

Subtle Patterns

Meanwhile, as furniture outlines soften into more and more gentle curves, angles and legs, less distinct (yet still nonupholstered) patterns are surfacing in the furniture world with the Lucien Wicker Stool from EZ Living Furniture. They provide an artistic and visually interesting touch without overtaking the room with trendy and overdone flare.

Geometric patterns form the basis of another ‘on trend’ area. Take a seat or add an accessory to your rooms with printed upholstery fabrics or decorative accessories to showcase a specialised design that stands out from the crowd, resulting in a sophisticated room that feels modern and refreshing.

Vibrant furniture is also set to spread in 2024. Shades such as teal and imperial blue are sure to catch the eye, as are rich blues or deep teals. Terracotta brings cosy comfort in any space.

Sculpted Masterpieces

Sculpture is a type of art that has 3 dimensions (from front to back, left to right and top to bottom), whereas you can see painting only from front to back. Sometimes when you are look at a sculpture, you can see it with enthusiasm, or you can see it reluctantly.

Like paintings, the materials from which sculptures might be made can vary indefinitely: they might be carved, modeled, fashioned by molding or casting, welded or otherwise assembled, and might stand apart from an audience’s environment or become integrated with it.

Michelangelo captured forms that speak to us with carnal immediacy, and created some of the most hotly debated accounts of the impulse to create. La terribilita (often translated as ‘sublimity’) was the riotous, all-encompassing will-to-do that helped him make the very good that inspired the rest of the world.

Cheekwood’s Masterpiece Art Series will also include Edgar Degas’s bronze study for Little Dancer, in its Masterpiece Art Series format featuring single works by the world’s most renowned artists; 2024 will also see the Palace of Versailles mount the simultaneous presentation of two 18th century masterpieces, Zephyr, Flore et L’Amour and L’Abondance, presented concurrently at Cheekwood Gardens.

Embrace Comfort

Style is, of course, what appeals to you individually, and in fact it doesn’t matter whether you are choosing the ultimate casual experience, a strikingly modern chair, or something more traditional such as a sofa or bench – so long as the design elements are pulling you to sink into the very ride like a lamb. Cashmere and boucle constitute more indulgent types of upholstery, while walnut and burl wood add to a more earthen aesthetic.

They begin featuring in catalogs and stores when we can see buyers leaning away from cuteness and nostalgia, toward a different kind of stylish that will endure. Homeowners this year have been getting unusually forthright: the furniture they are buying this year says as much about sustainability as style.

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