Designing a Stylish and Functional Home Gym

No matter your fitness style – quick-burst cardio or mindful yoga classes – your home gym should be somewhere you enjoy visiting, which requires careful design considerations.

Gizzi chose herringbone COREtec luxury vinyl flooring because it is gentler on joints and easier to keep clean, as well as adding glare-protective curtains and fitness wall art to make life easier for her family.


Home fitness equipment and aesthetic principles of interior design must be thoughtfully combined when creating a dedicated workout space. To do so successfully requires understanding current exercise modalities as well as being able to evaluate color schemes, textures, lighting effects and mirrors in relation to one another.

Home gyms should feel energetic rather than clinical. Designers can accomplish this goal by selecting a color palette to support your desired workout experience, for instance pale blues and greens are soothing while bright yellows and reds bring energy and boost mood.

Decorating accents are also key to increasing the appeal and motivation in any space. Jennifer Gizzi of Making Pretty Spaces chose a leather-trimmed Rejuvenation laundry bin and Modest Vintage Player jump rope that complement the neutral tones in the room, along with faux potted plants for an organic touch. Mirrors were added to increase space while reflecting light, making yoga and Pilates practice easier and reflect light back onto practice mats for precision exercises such as these. You could also consider hanging beautiful artwork, motivational messages or captivating photography to make a personal touch in any space!


Lighting in a gym is of critical importance to its mood and functionality, with even minor variations having an immediate effect on user mood and productivity. Ideal lighting should provide enough brightness for training without becoming distracting during exercise sessions; task lighting can illuminate specific areas like weight benches and yoga mats while accent lighting helps highlight features like wall art, mirrors, or fitness challenge boards to motivate users towards reaching their fitness goals.

Color can also help motivate users of home gyms. Bold hues give off an upbeat, modern vibe while pastel shades create a relaxing environment. Music can also serve as an incredible motivator, so include an audio system like a simple portable Bluetooth speaker into your workout space – maybe even one with playlists to keep you going for as long as it takes!


No matter if it’s in a basement room, spare bedroom, garage or corner of your living space; furniture selection will make a difference to how often and efficiently you use your home gym. When considering pieces with multitasking capabilities such as the sofa/daybed from Ligne Roset combining shelving and storage to maximize space efficiency.

Mirrors not only improve smaller rooms by reflecting light, but they can also boost motivation and self-esteem during workouts. Brad Ramsey Interiors used pale neutral colors that create the feeling of lightness in this converted attic home gym to amplify this effect.

An effective home gym idea that will enhance your workout experience is installing a sound system. Consider installing a hands-free speaker so you can voice-control your playlist or stream online exercise classes, and bring in air purifying plants to make your fitness area feel fresh and inspiring. Doing this will make exercising at home enjoyable, encouraging more frequent fitness regimens.


Home gyms contain cardio equipment like treadmills and ellipticals as well as yoga mats and stretching balls, making the flooring essential to its functionality. Depending on your fitness goals, foam flooring offers a wood-like aesthetic while being easier to maintain than hardwood floors and simple to keep clean.

Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or planks provide a firm base for home gyms looking for solidity on the ground, offering waterproof protection, durability, dimensional stability, seamless installations as floating floors for seamless looks, waterproof qualities and exceptional dimensional stability.

Make it more personal by adding motivational decor such as quotes and posters that inspire you to work towards your fitness goals. Plants or natural elements such as rocks can add a soothing atmosphere. By personalizing the space for yourself and making it appealing and motivating, adding these small details will increase the odds that you use it more frequently in pursuit of reaching your fitness goals.

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