Maximizing Pool Area and Creating Luxurious Outdoor Oasis

Maximizing your pool area means creating an idyllic outdoor retreat to share with family and friends. That means taking full advantage of patio, deck, and yard spaces to craft an experience you will cherish for years to come.

Enhance the enjoyment of your outdoor oasis with the addition of a fire pit or fireplace, helping keep the air warm during those chilly winter nights while providing extra seating comfort and coziness.

Water Features

With careful planning and landscaping in your pool area of the backyard, it can become a luxurious outdoor retreat you’ll look forward to spending time in. Maximizing space and making it into your ideal escape starts here!

Water features like ponds, fountains and waterfalls can add a relaxing focal point to the pool area and help integrate your backyard oasis into its overall design scheme.

Rock waterfalls can add an attractive and economical feature to your pool landscaping. Simply stack rocks, purchase pump and tubing from home improvement stores and enjoy this lovely water feature!

Focal Points

Focal points are an integral component of any outdoor space, drawing attention away from surrounding elements and drawing out those features you most cherish in your landscape.

Sculptures, fountains, gazebos and arbors can all serve as focal points in your outdoor oasis, providing focal points and transition points between zones or transitions from one area to another.

Pergolas provide shade and can serve as seating areas nearby your pool, making an attractive focal point in its vicinity.

These structures can be placed anywhere within your landscape, from near the pool to a secluded spot in the woods. Furthermore, they can even serve as standalone structures to offer private retreats for you and your family.


There are plenty of effective strategies available for creating an opulent outdoor oasis around your pool area. The key is carefully planning its design, adding elements that enhance its appearance.

Addition of a fire pit or fireplace will provide a cozy spot for gathering with friends during those chilly fall or winter evenings, when it becomes necessary to stay outside longer.

Lighting is an integral element of creating your backyard oasis design. It can help highlight features like your swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and landscaping to bring them to life and elevate the ambiance of the space at night.


An oasis in your backyard provides the ideal retreat from everyday stressors. By incorporating outdoor furniture, decor, and landscaping features into the design of your space, you can transform it into a tranquil haven where family and friends can gather.

Outdoor furniture such as chaise lounges and daybeds can dramatically elevate the aesthetics of your pool area. Upholstered in fabrics resistant to UV rays and easy to maintain, such pieces will complete this picture of poolside sophistication.

Along with furniture, you can also enhance the value of your pool area with landscape design and lighting features that add both beauty and functionality. Not only can they make it more welcoming but they could even increase it!


Select plants suitable to the conditions at your poolside to add color, texture and visual interest to the space while increasing its visual appeal. Choose plants which do not release leaves into your pool area that could compromise its safety or become hazardous materials that could make their way into it.

Trees can also provide shade or privacy around a swimming pool, depending on your needs. Fast-growing evergreens such as Japanese zelkovas are great choices.

Landscape designers can assist in selecting plants that will best complement the design of your pool landscape design, helping you strike a balance between blooms and chaos.