Updating Living Room Decor Without Breaking the Bank

An outdated living room doesn’t need to break the bank to be given an upgrade; all it requires is some creative design thinking and budget conscious purchases to give your space new life.

Rearranging decor from other rooms of your home is an inexpensive and easy way to update your living room. Perhaps an accent wall hanging should move from the hallway into your living area or maybe that vibrant planter from outside needs a spot on the coffee table?

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your living room decor. Not only does it give walls much-needed facelift, but also brightens up and refreshes the entire space.

Painting can also be an economical decorating choice, being much cheaper than replacing or reupholstering furniture.

Start off your painting project right by visiting your local hardware store and choosing a color you love, before testing out its effectiveness on the walls before making your final choice.

2. Wall art

One of the easiest ways to add style and class to any space without breaking your budget is through wall art. Not only will this finishing element add character and detail, but it can also allow you to incorporate personal tastes and interests into the design.

There is a wide array of wall art available, from paintings and photos to metal prints, sculptures and tapestries – and your selection will depend on your space’s theme and color scheme.

3. Floating shelves

Floating shelves are an attractive and space-saving way to add visual interest and storage space in any room, as they don’t take up floor space and can be attached directly to walls with concealed fixtures.

They can also serve as space savers in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms by being used to display decorations, flowers or other items.

However, floating shelves can collect dust quickly so it’s essential to keep them clean and orderly. Furthermore, they should not be used for heavy decorative objects as this could tip them over easily.

4. Picture ledges

Picture ledges are an inexpensive way to add decorative touches to living room spaces without breaking the bank. Plus, their versatile displays can easily adapt for special events and holidays!

A ledge can serve many functions in your home: pictures, books, small potted plants and more! Plus you can decorate it with noteworthy details to make it the focal point of any room!

As opposed to gallery walls, ledges require less floor space for display, which makes them great for tighter spaces. You can style it by mixing up frame styles and sizes to give it character or even overlap them for an economical display.

5. Lighting

One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to add flair and warmth to any living room decor without breaking the bank is through lighting. From chandeliers, floor lamps, or table lights – adding lighting can completely change how a room appears and feels.

Altering the style and color of bulbs used can give a room an entirely new appearance, from brighter or darker. By opting for fixtures with dimmers attached, you can control how much light is coming through, tailoring it specifically to each occasion or need.

6. Murals

Murals can be an incredibly cost-effective way to improve living room decor without breaking the bank, offering a versatile decorating option which can transform an entire space without costly painting jobs or structural changes.

Murals have long been considered an art form, and remain popular home decor choices today. Murals offer an effective way to add texture and colour to your space while making an eye-catching statement about its owners.

7. Furniture layout

An ideal living room layout can make all the difference when entertaining guests or simply looking for an inviting place to unwind. Switching up furniture arrangements is a simple and cost-effective way to give your living room an updated look without breaking the bank.

If your large sofa faces directly towards the TV, try switching out some chairs to create more intimate conversation spaces. Or consider repositioning furniture to draw the eye to key focal points such as fireplaces or windows in your room.