Fun Pool Games For Kids and Adults

Playing pool is always great fun, and we have some favorites that are sure to keep both kids and adults amused! Check them out now.

Marco Polo is one of the classic board games, but you can elevate this classic by having all players make animal noises during play. Hearing one child shout “DOLPHIN!” while everyone responds with their best porpoise impressions makes for even more laughter!

Swimming Relay Race

Swimming Relay Race is one of the best pool games for both children and adults alike, and an effective way to encourage competitiveness while having fun together.

This game makes an exciting pool party activity! The winner is determined by which team completes their race first.

Underwater Swimming Race

Underwater Swimming Race is one of the most exciting pool games for both kids and adults, requiring speed, power, and stamina to win! This fast-paced aquatic race demands both speed and stamina to succeed.

Children line up at one end of the pool and compete to reach the other with their floats first – and win by being the first swimmer there!

Underwater Ring Race

Underwater Ring Race is an enjoyable swimming pool game for kids and adults of all ages to participate in. It works best in shallow waters where players can stand still and throw the rings.

This underwater pong game is similar to bra pong but uses ping pong balls instead of cups as your target target for throwing. Perfect for younger children and pool parties!

Underwater Obstacle Course

Underwater Obstacle Course is a thrilling pool game for kids and adults of all ages alike, combining swimming with physical challenges like walking on planks and diving into and out of water.

The first person to complete the course wins, making this an engaging way of encouraging swimming and strengthening hand-eye coordination.

Water Ball Toss

The Water Ball Toss is an exciting pool game, enjoyed by both children and adults. They’ll get an opportunity to practice their water balloon-throwing abilities and see who can catch the most balloons in flight.

This game will keep your kids occupied for hours! Additionally, it makes a great relay race at any pool party you may attend!

Underwater Dance/Swim Routines

Adding more fun and laughter to your pool sessions by including dance/swim routines! It can help get people moving while also adding exercise benefits. Try some underwater dance/swim sequences!

This game of swimming/dancing at a pool party is sure to be one of the most entertaining ones! Kids and adults alike will love this fun way to participate in activities!


This fun water game for children and adults alike is an engaging way to bring everyone into the pool together. Simply fill a kiddie pool with water and add some ping pong balls – and play!

Teams compete to collect all of their ping pong balls into a bucket. The one with the highest collection wins!

Alligator Game

The Alligator Game is an enjoyable pool game suitable for children or adults of any age. Simply designate one person as “The Gator,” who then must tread water at the deep end.

Players stand on one side of the pool. Whenever the Gator yells “Gator”, players swim across to swim to the other side.

Coin Dive

Are You Searching For Fun Pool Party Games Or Are Your Children Engaged in Competitive Swimming Competitions? Coin Dive is the ideal game to bring fun to pool parties while simultaneously challenging young children with its quest for coins at the bottom of the pool! This classic arcade-style game pits players against one another as they search for coins at the bottom.

To play, just toss some loose change into the pool and allow it to sink – the player with the highest total wins!

Fish Game

The Fish Game is an iconic swimming pool game enjoyed by both children and adults, perfect for family reunions or pool parties. This fun activity helps connect friends with each other as they compete against one another while having fun!

One child acts as the shark while all other players act as minnows. When the shark yells “Fishies, fishies, swim to me!” the minnows must swim towards the opposite wall without getting tagged by him.