The Benefits of Saltwater Pools

Are You Thinking About Converting from Chlorine to Saltwater Pools? Look No Further! Here at Pool Pro we want to inform you about all of the amazing advantages that saltwater pools can bring. We want you to take full advantage of their many advantages!

Saltwater pools are much cheaper to maintain than their chlorinated counterparts and require much less frequent chemical maintenance – as well as not producing the harsh chlorine smell that often accompanies traditional chlorinated pools.

1. Less Chlorine

Swimming in saltwater pools offers a safer and more pleasurable experience than traditional chlorinated pool waters, due to the lesser concentration of chlorine present. Furthermore, swimmers don’t have to contend with the harmful side-effects caused by too much chlorine exposure.

Saltwater pools also produce less chemicals than their chlorinated counterparts, saving money over time as you won’t need to purchase as many expensive chlorine, bromine and ionizers.

Saltwater alone may not be sufficient to reduce chlorine levels in your pool; other strategies exist such as chlorine neutralizer, diluting it by draining and adding fresh water or switching to mineral systems like silver or copper.

2. Less Irritation

Saltwater pools tend to be less irritating to both eyes and skin due to their absence of chloramines, the byproducts of store-bought chlorine used as disinfectant that cause red eyes, itchy skin irritations, and smelly pool water.

They require less maintenance due to a salt-chlorine generator that will turn any salt you add into chlorine as needed.

Chemical checks should only need to be performed once every year to ensure your pool remains safe and functioning as it should, with significantly reduced up-front costs as you don’t need to store or handle chlorine yourself.

3. Softer Skin

Swimming can provide many health advantages for the entire body. Swimming helps improve blood circulation and enhances immunity.

Additionally, turmeric reduces inflammation and relieves stress. Furthermore, it also helps loosen mucus build-up while treating respiratory ailments.

Swimming in saltwater helps stimulate your immune system while increasing oxygen levels in your bloodstream for cardiovascular health benefits.

Salt water does not sting the eyes, nose or throat and is safe for swimmers with lung irritation. Furthermore, its gentle properties make it suitable for use by individuals with sensitive skin or hair.

4. Better for the Environment

Saltwater pools offer a great option for pool owners seeking to reduce their environmental footprint, as they use less chlorine.

They also produce less chloramines, the compounds responsible for creating an unpleasant chlorine scent and potentially irritating eyes, skin, hair and nose.

Contrary to conventional chlorine pools, saltwater pools don’t need to be drained into sewer systems and require less maintenance than their chlorine counterparts. Their pH levels remain balanced more easily, thus requiring less frequent testing and rebalancing sessions.

Solar pools offer an eco-friendly solution for anyone seeking a swimming pool. Not only are these beneficial in terms of cost savings and environmental friendliness, but their growing popularity speaks for itself.

5. Better for Your Health

Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for both body and mind, providing an enjoyable way to exercise while relieving stress.

But chlorine-treated pool water can be harsh on eyes, skin and hair – one reason many opt for saltwater pools instead.

Instead of using commercial chlorine products, saltwater pools produce their own natural chlorine through electrolysis.

This type of chlorine is less dangerous for swimmers and their skin than its commercial counterpart, while it’s much safer for pets.

Saltwater pools also promote better circulation, helping you sleep more soundly and avoid muscle soreness.