Small Bathroom Design Ideas for Maximizing Space

Clutter can quickly make any small space feel confining, so keeping toiletries and decor items neatly organized is of utmost importance. Kate Marker Interiors designed a floating shelf system as an efficient means of adding storage without taking up wall space.

Lighter hues tend to make rooms seem larger, but don’t discount darker paint when designing small bathrooms – it could create an eye-catching focal point while visually framing the area.

1. Floating Vanity

Small bathroom design ideas don’t have to be minimalistic. Embark on an “more is better” mentality by including unique details and design elements that help enliven an otherwise limited space.

By adding decorative pieces that double as storage solutions, blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona managed to keep her sink looking tidy while still holding extra towels with style.

Floating vanities take up less visual and literal space than cabinets while being easier to vacuum or mop under, plus having a wall-mounted faucet reduces risk in case of water leakage or flooding.

Subtle choices like neutral-colored floors and walls help maximize space by visually expanding a room. Selecting lighter colors also reflect more light into an otherwise dimly-lit environment, providing much-needed relief in enclosed areas.

2. Storage Solutions

When wall space is at a premium, swapping out cabinet drawers for tilt-out wire hampers is an efficient solution that can keep dirty towels and linens hidden while remaining easily within reach. Furthermore, this solution eliminates the need for door swings allowing more room on the wall for vanity units or functional design features.

Wall-mounted shelves provide the ideal place to tuck away linens and toiletries in small bathrooms, yet often go unnoticed. Look for sleek shelves with minimal brackets to keep this storage area looking chic and uncluttered.

Magnetized knife racks mounted to the back of bathroom doors offer a convenient storage solution for tweezers, nail clippers, and bobby pins – saving both counter and sink space while protecting these tools from rusting in humid conditions. Dream Green DIY’s simple storage hack makes use of magnets instead of screws – an additional space-saving measure which also prevents these essential tools from rusting away over time.

3. Mirrors

Small bathrooms require creative strategies for making them feel spacious and airy, such as using mirrors to give the impression of more space while reflecting natural light around. Mirrors are especially effective at doing just this.

Doing creative things with mirrors to maximize both their function and appeal is the way forward. A medicine cabinet that doubles up as storage can hide clutter while freeing up wall space for decor. A wall-mounted framed mirror placed above a pedestal sink offers beautiful view but easy access when getting ready in the morning.

Opting for larger tile patterns with less grout lines will make a room appear larger, while opting for lighter-colored tiles will further illuminate it.

4. Natural Light

One of the easiest small bathroom ideas is using natural light to visually expand tight spaces. Aiming for windows that face away from neighboring houses or streets instead encourages sunlight to travel vertically rather than downward. Skylights may also help maximize this strategy.

For maximum effect, opt for lighter hues on the ceiling and walls to diffuse light more evenly and add drama and grandeur. Dark colors also work well when used sparingly to add drama.

Floating shelves are an effective solution to making small bathrooms more space efficient, by keeping storage off of the floor and freeing up counter space for toiletries and decor. In this bathroom designed by Keren Richter of White Arrow Design, there’s a simple ledge by the window which houses glass bottles and beautiful vases.

5. Minimalist Fixtures

Engage sleek, minimal fixtures in order to prevent your small bathroom from feeling cramped. Consider drawer dividers as a space-saving way of organizing drawer contents without taking up too much room, while recessed shelving displays anything from seashell collections to extra toiletries. Hanging a towel rail above the sink is another efficient storage solution without taking away wall space.

Replacing traditional swinging doors with pocket doors is one effective strategy for optimizing bathroom space, as this frees up floor area. Furthermore, adding sliding shower stall doors is another space-saving design feature that adds modern touches to your bathroom.

Even without windows in your powder room or petite primary bath, there are ways you can still enjoy natural lighting with smart small bathroom design ideas. Studio DIAA installed a skylight which provided this bathroom with direct sunlight while still ensuring privacy.

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