Declutter and Organize Your Home in One Weekend

Uncluttering and organizing your home can help improve sleep quality, increase productivity and reduce stress – not to mention making it look more spacious!

Clutter is a constant problem for most of us and taking time and energy to clear it away is often impossible.

Start with the smallest space

Organization of your home can be an exhausting and time-consuming endeavor, often necessitating the discarding of things no longer useful or desired.

Decluttering can also help you feel better about your possessions and ease stress, so it’s wise to plan a project like this carefully before embarking on it.

Decluttering schedules are designed to keep you on the path toward reaching your goals in an expedient fashion. They ensure that progress is being made systematically.

Commence by selecting one area in your home which needs some additional care – this could be anything from a closet, storage room or any other place where organization would benefit.

Begin by emptying everything out, and sort items into four piles: keep, donate, bin or recycle and get rid of. Doing this will give you an idea of how much stuff needs to be purged as well as making it easier to decide what items will remain and which need to be eliminated from your collection.


Purging can be an excellent way to unclutter and organize your home, but it can also be an overwhelming task to complete in a single weekend.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, starting small and working your way through each section can help keep things organized. Setting aside boxes to toss, donate and keep can also keep the task at hand focused and on track.

Next, go through your living room and declutter anything you no longer use or need. Donate or sell any unwanted toys or clothing that no longer meet their standards as this is also a good time to clean out children’s rooms.


One of the major obstacles in decluttering and organizing your home is placing items back where they belong. If you attempt to whittle things down too quickly, it can become easy to lose track of where certain things belong, leading to misplaced items that make long-term organization even harder.

Help yourself out by setting aside two baskets: one for things to put away and another for those you wish to get rid of. A garbage bag may also come in handy for anything not contained within any bin or box.


Sure, home makeover shows have you amazed. Watching families spend their weekend decluttering and organizing is inspiring; but even better when it’s something you know you can do yourself!

De-cluttering and organizing takes time; to successfully complete it, however, a strong plan should be in place.

On Friday, take an inventory of each room in your house. Walk through each one and remove anything that doesn’t belong or doesn’t function properly from view.

Use a large garbage bag to go through your house and collect any unnecessary trash or junk, including open packages, broken items, stained or torn linens/clothing and empty toiletry bottles.

Next, collect all the keepers and return them to their correct places. Depending on your plans, you may require a second basket for items you are giving away or misplacing and another for any lost pieces that might need retrieving.