Avoiding Common Home Renovation Mistakes

Remodeling can add value to your home, but it also requires much more planning than you might realize.

Renovation projects often veer off track unexpectedly. Any misstep can jeopardize budget and timeline expectations and lead to unnecessary stress for all involved parties involved.

1. Not Having a Plan

At home renovation projects, one of the most frequent missteps is failing to create a plan. Although this seems obvious, you’d be amazed at how many people begin work without an outline of their desired outcome in mind.

Lacking a plan can be costly, time-consuming, and lead to considerable frustration – which is why it’s smart to have an outline plan before starting any project. A proper plan will allow you to avoid common pitfalls while making more informed decisions regarding budget and design of your endeavor. Plus it will protect against home improvement disaster!

2. Not Having a Budget

Budgeting is key to any renovation, be it major or minor. Without it, renovation projects could spiral out of control and lead to burnout or worse yet lead to abandoning them entirely.

Setting a budget allows you to see where your money goes and determine how much can be afforded each month. Furthermore, having one helps track expenses and prepare for potential surprises.

One of the most frequent errors made during home renovation is failing to create a budget in advance. Renovation can be an enormous endeavor with unexpected twists and turns, fast decisions and unpleasant surprises along the way.

3. Not Having a Contractor

Home renovation is a challenging project; hiring contractors or doing the work yourself. Mistakes could cost money and cause stress if done wrongly.

Make sure that the contractor can accommodate your budget with an accurate quote that details both materials and labor costs.

Ask them for proof they are licensed and insured, such as business cards that display their license number or any advertising material with it listed.

Warning signs should include whether or not they hold a valid license and carry liability or workers compensation insurance, which could prevent an incident from happening in your home that could have been avoided with licensed contractors.

4. Not Having a Design

One of the surest ways to go wrong when undertaking home renovation is without planning first. A solid understanding of your goals before getting underway will save time and money in the long run.

A comprehensive design plan should provide specific details that pertain to your project, from an overview to details like an illustrated floorplan or elevation. A good design plan will include sketches (the good ones!) as well as photos or samples of materials or textures you plan on using for the renovation, an estimated completion date, budget information and completion timeline estimates – everything necessary for an enjoyable home renovation experience! By following these tips and tricks outlined here you are sure to have an easy home remodeling journey ahead.

5. Not Having a Contractor

Home renovation can be fraught with errors that cost time, money and stress if done incorrectly. Common mistakes include missing deadlines for completion and not properly budgeting resources for upgrades.

One of the most frequently made errors in hiring unlicensed contractors – something which is both illegal and potentially inconvenient for projects requiring certain materials or adhering to state/local laws.

Licensed contractors provide excellent work that doesn’t cut corners. Although more costly in the long run, licensed contractors do not compete with unlicensed ones who try to cut deals underhandedly.